Skinny Jeans

18 11 2012

Cullen and I went shopping today. I bought skinny jeans. I liked the way they looked but thought they made me look bigger than other cuts of jeans I own. We got home and I tried them on and felt as though they might be returned as a result of the way they looked on my hips and thighs. I waited for his verdict and he actually liked the way they looked on me but I was quite self deprecating about my appearance. That’s when I realized what I was saying…

I am a size four. Why am I calling myself fat when I wear a pant size smaller than the average woman? I’m not fat, I’m curvy.

I also hated that I wanted to hear his opinion instead of forming one on my own. My appearance is important first to myself and secondarily to the man I am dating. I dress for myself, not others.

Ultimately, I am healthy, I’m thin and I’m beautiful. The negative self talk should not be something I engage in because I am not a cookie cutter image of the sticks that we see splattered all over society.

I am beautiful.

I am strong.

I embrace myself…curves and all.




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