Filling the Spaces

8 10 2011

I was so exhausted yesterday. The week was filled with moving, lots of goodbyes and sad moments, tons of work and stress and not nearly enough sleep. The result of all that stress was a final meltdown after work on Friday where I fell asleep around 8pm and slept off and on until 9am the next day. I did wake up a few times when the roommates came home and left and I blogged around 3am but otherwise I caught up on some much needed sleep. I realize that the times that I am the most vulnerable emotionally are when I am sick, tired and not feeling well…so I need to take care of myself to avoid getting so run down that emotional meltdowns like yesterday occur.

The plan for today was to run some errands and to unpack most of the boxes in my room. I moved in and just piled boxes all over since I had limited time and that resulted in an interesting wardrobe situation all week since I couldn’t find most of my clothes, shoes or makeup. I hung a curtain (yes, one) and got most of my clothes hung and sorted through so I know that I definitely need to do laundry tomorrow. The boxes have been emptied almost all the way and are stacked against one wall, the sheets are on the bed rather than sitting in a box next to the bed and I can walk around the room safely without adding bruises to my already battered legs. It was a successful day.

I also had a good talk to my bestie, Chili Pepper, and it was amazing to laugh and talk to her and remember that no matter how bad things are in my heart…there are always people that can make me laugh. Thanks to the besties that have been there for me as I go through this ordeal. Mel, Chili Pepper, Shanny Pants, and my step mom have all been wonderful shoulders to cry on as I heal my heart and try to find new love. Doom, Ogre, Marti, Uppers, Ryan, Lil Nazi and Narm have all been awesome guys as I get my shit back together and vacillate between slutsauce drunkenness and crying alone while curling my hair before I go out. Thanks to all of you for taking care of me and showing me who my real friends are and how much you guys care about me! It has been really rough and I know that I have spent most of the time… ahem…drinking self medicating but it has been a process to get over this breakup.

Hopefully, we are turning a corner? A corner where there is less Patron and more productivity?




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