18 08 2011


My favorite song of the moment; literally has been on repeat nonstop for the last three work days…I can’t turn it off. It’s haunting, emotional, full of mourning, yearning, longing and regret. I have always loved Blue October but I think that this is one of those albums that came at a time when I could connect to it on a level that almost frightens me because there is so much raw power, anger, pain in the lyrics and sounds.


The Feel (Stay) is one of the best songs of the summer for me.


I know the music video is a little intense but I have listened to Blue October’s music long enough that it is tempered enough for me to see the beauty and art within it rather than be off put by its rawness and honesty. I think that it is freeing for someone else to feel some of the emotions I am dealing with and to express them; it’s liberating for me to hear that and experience it through someone else’s eyes.


I see the sun go down on the river

I feel the wind blow out, would’ve stayed to grey

I feel the air around you, it’s kind of closing in

Do you feel it fall, or do you feel at all? I can

I see the world keep moving as I stumble

They seem to move much faster than me

And while I sit in my four-cornered room dividing hearts for a little girl

Well I can’t be anything but who I am

And I wish you’d stay

That was the beginning of the two of us, the start of our show

Stay, stay, stay.

Now I would never have let go

And I see the sun go up as your image

And I feel the weight of your eyes as you stare

I feel it all when you, when you first, when you kissed my lips

You used to make me feel at home, you made me feel at home

You made me feel again

Oh and that’s when you used to say, “Will you stay, and not let go?”

That was just the two of us to think about, the stars of our show

And you would say, “I wish you’d stay and I’d never let go”

Oh I would never have let go

So take this heart of mine

You’ve taken it a hundred thousand times

But this time, this time, I’m gonna take it with me

I see the door close down behind you

I watch your face turn from glow to straight grey

I see the moon go up and it shines this glory on my face

Who would know? Who would know? Who would know?

How we would stay, and we should stay and never let go, oh hell no

There’s just three of us to think about now, in our show,

our show, our show

I think we’d stay, we’d just stay, and then we’d know

That we should never let go

Something to think about, her heart

Just look into those big brown eyes, and you’d just fall apart

We should stay, at least we’d stay, at least she’d know

That we should never let go

No, no, let go, go, oh.

I wish you’d stay

I wish you’d stay…

The Feel (Stay)




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