Home Sweet Home

9 04 2011

This post marks the end of my three week fast from the Internet because our house has not been wired for cable/Internet since we moved into the place in March. I have been surviving on snippets of facebook updates, email and banking through my trusty little phone which routinely drops Internet connections…and frankly, it hasn’t been a good experience. I have undoubtedly been more productive as a result of no Internet to distract me and the house has slowly become a home but I am glad to have our Netflix Instant Stream, facebook and bill pay back at the tip of my fingers.

The past three weeks have been filled with lots of first experiences as D and I moved into our new house and made it into a home. It has been incredibly challenging to load our lives into a 17’ Uhaul and to drag it across state lines, up a daunting flight of stairs and find a way to organize and store all the random things we have accumulated through the first quart century of our lives. In addition to that, it has been a matter of conflict to merge our two lives and belongings into one coherent household since D and I have a lot of things we have to find places for but which do not traditionally belong in a home (i.e. D’s collection of Pokemon cards, his extensive collection of golf balls, his nun chucks, etc). I finally feel like our place feels like home rather than a collection of boxes filled with random things. Fortunately, I have moved enough times that I have a system for organizing and packing things so most of my stuff was situated for unpacking and being stored whereas D has had to go through everything he brought and sort it. And fortunately, I love packing, unpacking and finding places for things so the living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom are situated nicely.

D and I admittedly did not own any functional furniture but my Daddy has been kind enough to give me bookcases, a dining room table and chairs, a large hutch, and more books! We desperately need to get to the Cities to pick up that furniture so that we have some more areas of storage and a dining table to make our main room complete but that will all come in good time. We made a huge shopping run where we bought a rug for the main room (to cover our pretty hardwood floors!!!), a tall bookcase for D’s books and DVDs upstairs, a tv stand, a bookcase that is made out of nine connected cubes that you can use for little drawers or in a bookcase-manner. I love the little nook-case I got for the bedroom because it afford me more space for small things like purses, DVDs, the Wii, photos, books and bins that hold my lingerie and tank tops. We also got tons of hooks to mount so we have more room in the unconventional closets that don’t afford us much room for clothing. I hope that we can get the rest of our clothes into the closets and on the hooks rather than sitting around in laundry baskets as they are now. We also got two new flat screen tvs (one for upstairs in D’s man cave and a smaller one for our bedroom) and we’re in the process of getting a couch for upstairs..slowly but surely the details are coming together and we’re acquiring some things that we’ll be able to use long after this time.

My new job has been going really well…I like the people that I work with, I enjoy the work and I have acquired the skills I need to succeed quickly but I am concerned that we wont have enough work to keep us busy all summer. I hope so because I need to work as much as possible to keep paying off debt and to save some for vacays and all the weddings that we will be going to this summer/fall. D has also settled into his new position as an electrical engineer and has already been on two business trips to a convention/seminar in Chicago and a training seminar in Maple Grove. I am so happy that he has finally found a job where he can demonstrate his leadership qualities, his skills and knowledge as an engineer and his determination to succeed. He has this amazing job that makes him feel acknowledged and affirmed in his self worth…and that has made him infinitely happier having a purpose again.

I cannot wait to see where our lives take us and where we go from here. I know this is the beginning and it has been a little rocky at times but I like being back in MN and living on my own with D. I will post pics of the new place when we have furniture and the last of the boxes out of the apartment!




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