Moving On

25 03 2011

Just a quick note while I am at the future in laws’ house to pick up my car and some things that didn’t make it on the truck last weekend for the move. We don’t have internet at our new apartment yet (since the install guys cannot come til a week into April booo) so I am taking advantage of having internet to jot off some quick thoughts.

I LOVE the new place because it is airy, sexy, light-filled, hardwood-floored, two-storied and ALL mine and D’s to share. I love living with the love of my life and waking up in our own home and smiling when I roll over and see him next to me. This is an incredible feeling to have us living together with Dolce…just the three of us being a real family! Granted there is a lot of hard work ahead of us although I accomplished a lot this last week in terms of going through things for Goodwill and getting the kitchen organized. We made the kitchen and bathroom our first priority because we obviously have to eat and bathe (well at least we’re told that we need to do these things to be accepted socially) and I had no idea where the shower curtains, cups and silverware were packed.

We ended up having this gigantic Uhaul full of unbearably heavy boxes and I was sick for a week before the move and could barely walk up the stairs let alone carry boxes…so D’s friend Dusty came and bailed us out (no idea where my “friends” were at this point in time) and moved the big things into the apartment in no time flat. We rewarded him with beers at the bars across the street and our undying gratitude. We drove 2.5 hours into town, unloaded, picked up more stuff at the house D was staying at while working there for two weeks before the apartment was open and then we unpacked some more before taking the Uhaul back, showering and hitting the bars for some drinks. Long, exhausting day…but totally worth it to wake the next day in our HOME!

Also, I had a laundry list of things to accomplish (drivers’ license, car tabs, supplies for cleaning and moving in, getting utilities set up, unpacking and cleaning) while D was gone in Chicago for four days for business and I was determined to get some things done so he could see some progress when he got back. It was a busy week that was precipitated with two busy weeks before as I fit in doctors’ appointments, final work tasks, last minute packing and then succumbing to a death flu that is still bothering me two weeks later. I am really proud of how productive I have been and only moderately nervous about starting a new job on Monday…

I am excited for the next step…I am so thrilled to be on a new path with the man I love and to be on the brink of a new chapter for us…it just feels right to take such a big step as so many of my friends take big steps with their significant others. Keep coming back for more updates as we get internet and I get accustomed to the new work schedule that I will be keeping working six days a week and probably plenty of overtime!




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