Things I Move

17 03 2011

In the process of packing and moving my life across state lines I have discovered a few things.

Thing 1: I own a lot of books. I have books on shelves, on bookcases, in piles on the floor, in my purses and in my car. I have books all over the place…and now I have to move 2397368974543 boxes of books 2.5 hours away to a new home where hopefully they can be displayed prettily on shelves rather than collecting dust under my bed.

Thing 2: Dolce has a lot of clothes. I have her nicest things in plastic bags on hangers and a box of her seasonal clothes (like holiday themed clothes) so her everyday clothes are more accessible. PS Dolce also has a big basket full of her babies so she can dip her head in at any time to grab her favorite one.

Thing 3: I own a lot of shoes. Only recently have I discovered the wonder of a flat so I am considering buying a bookcase and making it into a display of my heels and flats. I believe that a nice shoe closet would make me happy and would look pretty.

Thing 4: I watch a lot of Grey’s Anatomy while I am packing…and it makes me cry, which makes the cardboard boxes soggy.

Thing 5: Packing is good cardio.




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