Steps in the Right Direction

7 03 2011

So…I know that I have been keeping secrets for the past month or so but I had big developments in the works and I wanted to make sure that everything came together nicely before saying anything. I have been praying and working for this moment for over 14 months and I am happy to say that D and I are MOVING!

I should start at the beginning…D has been looking for an engineering job since he graduated in Fall 2009…the economy just hasn’t been in a good place where someone with his amount of experience could easily slide into the job market…so he kept looking, interviewing and praying and he finally got an amazing job offer. It didn’t take long for him to accept 🙂 The irony of the situation is that the job offer was in Mankato, MN (the place we both graduated from in the last year for me and two years for him) and we weren’t even looking there initially for jobs…but that is where he found one.

A lot of things had to fall into place for the move to work and there was a lot of hard work involved in getting to this point. We had to make many trips to Mankato to do drug tests, interviews, apartment viewings, etc. but we have come to the point where we both have jobs (he started today and I start in two weeks), we just got the dream apartment we viewed (after numerous disastrous viewings wherein we walked out almost as soon as we walked in) last Saturday and we are well on our way to being packed and moved in the next two weeks. I was worried about not being able to find a job or a place to live in the short time span in between where he received the offer and when he took off to work…but God provided and we are almost completely set to go.

I am staying in SuFu to pack, finish my two weeks at my current job (sad to go because I love that job) and do doctor appointments, packing, a million tiny errands and tasks that make moving come to fruition and get everything in order as we close this chapter in our lives. I cannot wait to go to our new apartment and organize, unpack and finally say hello to my first place with D! So many things have come together to make this possible and I am ecstatic…after so many months of praying and crying and working hard, we are achieving some of our dreams.

Please wish us the best as we continue on in our journey and I promise to keep updating as things progress…PS I might be light on posting as I cram as much as possible into the next few weeks. Hang in there and I promise a more consistent posting schedule.




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