This Is Nothing

21 02 2011

This winter has been filled with lots of snow storms that have tested the resources of many states and cities which are frequently unaccustomed to the influx of snow and ice en force. News reports showed photos of people being rescued from freeways and interstates that were not closed in time before a storm hit (from lack of experience), multiple accidents as people tried to drive in precipitation that they had never seen before and people stocking up on canned goods, water, batteries, snow shovels and toilet paper. All of this was noted by the veteran Midwesterners who nonchalantly gave the weather advisories a nod and continued with their lives.

One friend noted on facebook that while people in the Eastern half of the country were stockpiling winter goods, the only thing he had seen people in Mankato, MN stocking up on were cigarettes, beer and Redbox movies.

We’re hardcore, this is nothing…




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