21 02 2011

A: Age – 25

B: Bed Size – Extra Large Queen for the 10 pillows, heating pad, boyfriend, teacup chihuahua and stuffed animals I sleep with.

C: Chores You Hate – Sweeping and Mopping, Cleaning Toilets

D: Dogs – My teacup chihuahua DOLCE who is the light of my life!

E: Essential Start to Your Day – Brushing the teeth ASAP

F: Favorite Color – Black, Pink

G: Gold or Silver – Silver all the way…not a big gold fan.

H: Height – 5 feet 4 inches

I: Instruments You Play – Took piano and violin lessons and studied guitar for a while…til my instructors realized I cannot read music, I just memorized the music and pretended to read the sheet music.

J: Job Title – Data Entry Operator and Scanner

K: Kids – NO

L: Live – Soon to be living somewhere else!!! More to come next week.

M: Mom’s Name – Step mom’s name is Cheryl.

N: Nicknames – Doogs, Hollywood, Katie Asian

O: Overnight Hospital Stays – Tonsillectomy, Sinus surgery

P: Pet Peeves – Snapping/Smacking gum, ppl eating with their mouths open, liars, having to repeat myself multiple times

Q: Quote From a Movie – “I can’t believe that just fucking happened!” Boondock Saints (Favorite drunk movie to watch while passing out)

R: Right Handed or Left Handed – Right

S: Siblings – One younger brother

T: Time You Wake Up – 5:35 am

U: Underwear – Victoria Secret Pink Thongs!

V: Vegetables You Dislike – Mushrooms

W: What Makes You Run Late – Daniel

X: X-Rays You Have Had – Teeth, Sinuses, Chest

Y: Yummy Food You Can Make – Lasagna, Stuffed Shells, Homemade Pizza

Z: Zoo Animal (Favorite) – Big Cats




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