3 01 2011

I had a fabulous Christmas and New Year in 2010. I won’t go through all the details but it was a great holiday season and I really enjoyed spending time with D’s family. Unfortunately, the weather did not permit us traveling to MN to see my dad and stepmom but I am planning on seeing them in the next month or so for another staycation and to celebrate Christmas.

The highlights were:

+Christmas music (Amy Grant, Josh Groban, piano instrumentals)

+Decorating the Christmas tree

+Going through old family Christmas ornaments with my dad and brother

+Candy Cane Lane tea

+Lots of fluffy white snow

+White Christmas and The Nutcracker

+Christmas cookies in all shapes and sizes

+Family photos wearing Michelle’s holiday assortment of hats, reindeer headbands and Frosty the Snowman headbands in front of the Christmas tree

+Diamond earrings from D

+Finding and giving the perfect presents to the people I love

+Lots of books, clothes, makeup, movies, chihuahua clothes, sparkly chihuahua ornament, pearl earrings from Daddy, Twilight journals, photo frames

+End of the year sales online (I got a dress to wear to one of the many weddings we are invited to this summer, 2 pairs of peep toe pumps, a sweater, a hoodie, a new purse for awesome sales!)

+Mimosas on New Year’s Day

+Spending lots of time with D

+Spending lots of time curled up in bed wearing pajamas, drinking tea and watching Netflix

+Getting a refill on my inhaler (finally)



-Getting the flu, a sinus infection and an ear infection the week of Christmas and feeling like death for one and a half weeks straight

-Not getting to spend Christmas with my dad and brother

-Getting snowed into the house in SuFu

-Trying to unsnarl my hair after three days in bed with a fever and therefore no shower

-Momentarily thinking that D was proposing when he handed me a jewelry box with the earrings inside (and finding out that his whole family thought the same thing)

-Hangover from the mimosas at 1o’clock in the afternoon

-Being too sick to make gingerbread houses with the fam.

-Not getting to drive into MN to spend New Year’s Eve with my besties because the weather was nasty.


All in all…I really enjoyed Christmas and New Year’s even though it would have been better if I wasn’t sick and I could have seen family and friends but I am sure that this will just make it better when we move back to the Cities and I can see all of them regularly.

Just a tiny bit disappointed that I had to take Christmas music off my MP3 player, realizing that Christmas season is done for another year and I don’t have any time off for months and months. Looking forward to Bockfest, Valentine’s Day, my six year anniversary with D and Spring!

Hope you all had a great holiday season!




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