Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010

1 12 2010

I am a die hard VS Fashion Show fan. I have been watching since the first show came on television and I count down the days with bated breath until the annual show comes on tv (usually while rewatching past shows online to get myself all amped up). I have been a little disappointed with the past few years but this year made me think of the older fashion shows (circa 2006) that rocked my world with their themed designs, costumes and music.

LOOOOOOVED this year.

First of all, I adore Katy Perry and I was thrilled to hear that she was performing at this year’s show but I was disappointed with how stiff and awkward her first performance was (maybe she was nervous?) since she looked like a deer in headlights for a majority of “Firework”. I loved her second performance when she loosened up and sang her pretty heart out for the finale of the show. I thought she fit in really well with the other beautiful ladies and she was a great choice for a musical performer.

VS Fashion Show Katy Perry

Another great surprise was Akon as a musical guest because his song “Angel” was such a fit for the heavenly entourage of angels (beginning with Chanel’s first pair of wings in a gorgeous, voluminous fall of white feathers as she strutted down the catwalk with a big smile on her face). I liked the assortment of the “heavenly” host that came down the runway but felt like I had been there and seen most of that when it came to the classic angel look.

VS Fashion Show Blonde Heavenly Wings Streamers

No new surprises with the “Wild Thing” assortment of the show but I liked that there were more wearable pieces that I recognized from the website and catalogue on the models. Pretty, exotic and fitting with the whole leopard/fur craze going on in fashion right now but there really weren’t any new surprises there.

VS Fashion Show Wild Thing

Adored the fun sports montage with the gals dressed as sports (lacrosse, boxing, the weight lifter and baseball were my personal favs) but all of them were creative and fun. The designs held true to past styles of the show (arms through the soccer ball like a cape has been done before in other shows where a girl wore an ornament in that style) and I liked the cape with the football field on Adriana but I also thought that the girl with all of the flags and the water splashing were verging on too much.


There was a cute assortment of PINK brand items that were incorporated with a lot of fun twists like the see through umbrella and the rainbow themed-everything but I really loved seeing so many pieces from the website and catalogues on the models.

VS Fashion Show Behati Rainbow

One of the funniest portions for me was the cowgirl/country themed collection because of the gingham, checked fabrics, the hay wings and the boots! Great collection and the music was perfect but some of the girls were far too strong walkers to be delicately strutting down a runway to some softer music that had you dreaming of daisy-covered fields and sunshine and hay and cowboy boots. I loved the girl that opened it with her red outfit, though…really a great opener!

VS Fashion Show Blonde Country

Loved the bad girl themed beginning and the music was spot-on for the “clothes” that came down in the differently themed collections but all in all I had to say that I was just thrilled to see some fun, creativity and a good old retreat to the traditional straight catwalk covered in glitter with the great backdrops. The addition of the carousel, male gymnasts performing synchronized moves during the sports collection and the forest during the Wild Thing were fun but I really loved the oversized balloons at the finale and the fun lightness this year.

VS Fashion Show Adriana Carousel

I really loved that this year’s show had the most angel wings out of all the shows because the creativity and architecture that goes into the making of those wings and then the talent it takes to strut down a catwalk wearing them (the bigger the badder) just inspires me. I adored the bubble wings on Chanel, the wings that trailed cloudlike falls of fabric, the rainbow wings and the peacock wings! Such a fun show and definitely an upgrade from the past few years!

VS Fashion Show Hay Wings

Can you tell I wasn’t a fan of the last few years when there was a V as a runway and the models walked across the stages instead of coming towards the camera as traditional catwalks go? VS came back with a bang and I cannot wait until next year to see what they do!

VS Fashion Show Finale




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