Midnight Drive

24 11 2010

Last night, D and I drove 5 hours from SuFu to Oak Grove, MN beginning at 6pm. It was a long and grueling drive but we wanted to get on the road and make the drive because we had heard that the weather would turn icy and snowy on Wednesday about midday. I assumed that there would be a lot of people on the road and with the bad weather, I was more worried that we would get stuck in SuFu or get in a car accident rather than how exhausting the drive would be. Luckily, I had made a detailed packing list the week before and done all of the laundry the weekend before so all I had to do was get out the suitcases and bags and throw clothes, shoes and toiletries in them. I packed frantically and managed to shove all my clothes, shoes, scarves, jackets, puffy vests, hats and gloves in a suitcase and a giant PINK bag. I then threw all my toiletries, hair dryer, straightener, books, DVDs, laptop, Sony Reader, a tangle of electrical cords and chargers and a bunch of random stuff I assumed I would want with me on the vacay. I also had a giant a$$ purse stuffed with books, makeup, perfume, wallet and magazines, a pillow, blanket, box containing half a dozen bottles of wine, a bag of groceries and other miscellaneous stuff for the drive. When we got to my dad’s house, he laughed and asked me how long I was planning on staying…once I got a look at the house, I considered answering, “forever”.

The drive went by pretty fast and the house was warm, welcoming and phenomenal. I love the decor, the different nooks and spaces and I love the view. I am sitting in front on the fire on a giant leather couch, looking out the window at the snow falling on the lake…and life is good. I went grocery shopping with D this morning for all the goodies that we are going to make this weekend and we managed to stop by Joann Fabrics so I could grab a needlepoint kit for the long snowy weekend where there will undoubtedly be lots of down time. I plan on spending the weekend curled up in one of the many oversized leather chairs by the fire, drinking tea, reading books, needlepointing and making stencils for the 12 Bars of Christmas and planning the details as well as watching movies with D, doing a 1500 piece puzzle and taking naps…lots of naps.

I am grateful for family, a giant house with 4 bathrooms, 2 fireplaces, granite countertops, hardwood floors, a sauna, a waterfall and lake in the backyard and a California King in the downstairs guest room where I can relax after a long day of vacationing. I am grateful for stuffed shells, tofu, spinach and tea. I am grateful for snowflakes. I am grateful for blankets to snuggle underneath when the room is cold. I am grateful for a boyfriend who adores me and spoils me. I am grateful for all the blessings God has given me in the past few years (and really my entire life). I am grateful.




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