Cooking for Dummies

24 11 2010

Even if you read all the recipes, study the techniques on the Food Network and Google all the methods that are needed to produce a few key dishes for a Thanksgiving dish, you probably will not be able to produce a Hollandaise sauce out of the blue. I foolishly assumed that I would be well prepared to make a “Katie Feast” of random foods that I only eat once a year at Thanksgiving (namely stuffed shells, green bean casserole, cornbread, stuffing and brie en croute) and I believe that the cooking venture will end badly.

I am taking advantage of my dad and stepmom’s new house and their fully stocked kitchen while I am visiting for the holiday weekend to see if I can make a dinner for D and myself without burning down the house, burning/cutting/maiming myself or giving us all food poisoning. I am making some special foods that seem simple enough in theory but I might find more challenging since I had trouble preheating the oven to make D a frozen pizza for lunch today. I pray that I don’t cut myself, burn myself, burn down the house, ruin dinner and disappoint D and myself when trying to make a meal for Thanksgiving because it will just be the two of us eating at the house while Daddy and Cheryl head to Cheryl’s sister’s home for dinner. Her sister is having a small gathering and D and I are doing our own smaller dinner on the actual day of Thanksgiving but on Saturday, we are doing a more traditional dinner with extended family (bring on the tranquilizers). I hope that if I do manage to screw up dinner tomorrow, that D will get plenty of traditional tasty food on Saturday.

Note: I just discovered that the reason that my dad’s expensive grill is sitting outside in the snow with no cover would be that it fell over and when they tipped it back and went to use it, there were flames coming out of the controls so they are not using it at this time and have decided to make it the anomaly of the season by leaving it outside in the snow for (most likely) the entire winter. This is why my life is a joke.




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