Like that Rare Panda that Everyone Stares At…

22 11 2010

“Please don’t say that to her face, I think that panda died alone.”

-Grey’s Anatomy

I feel like that rare panda that everyone stares at and that some people pity because of its situation. I am a panda. I am a panda that is alone and undesired and far away from the bamboo that would make it a happy panda; instead, I have imitation bamboo that isn’t really bamboo and even though the zookeepers think that the fake bamboo will appease me, I can tell the difference and I reject it. Unfortunately, I feel like that rejection is reciprocated…

Sometimes, when you are the only panda, you are lonely, sad and rejected just because no one wants to be the panda’s friend and love the panda for life. All I want is some bamboo and another panda that will love me for the rest of my life…but the other pandas are afraid of me and the bamboo is fake and I am trapped in this panda hole that I am supposed to be content with.

Heads up, I don’t like the fake bamboo, I don’t like the fake panda hole and I am lonely and I want another panda so I don’t end up dying alone. Do you hear that other pandas? I’m on the look out for a buddy so I don’t die alone in this fake panda hole.




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