It’s Beginning to Look a Lot

20 11 2010


I have to admit that Christmas has been a favorite time of the year for me since I was a small child and only after my grandfather died, my dad remarried and I failed to spend a single Christmas with my dad for 5 consecutive years did Christmas start to lose some of its magic for me.

Until…Christmas 2010. I have decided to really love Christmas this year and exorcise my demons so that future Christmas seasons wont be so hard for me. Every year, I have a small mental and emotional breakdown when the holidays start to draw near and I struggle for the rest of the year to get through the holidays without breaking down. This year I am recapturing my joy in the holidays and even though I already had my “holidays are approaching breakdown”, I am going to love Christmas this year the way I have since I was a little girl.

I am enjoying Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea, Peppermint Mocha Blended Frapuccinos, Christmas music (Amy Grant, Josh Groban, Glee and Carol of the Bells on repeat), White Christmas, glittery Christmas ornaments, snowflakes, Minneapolis’ Macy Santaland, Holidazzle Parade, wearing lush red clothing (Express scarves, AE suede flats, AE red long sleeved shirts) and remembering what it was like to love Christmas with childlike abandon.

And even though I have been listening to Christmas music since September and I have been wearing the Christmas-y clothes for a few weeks now…I have waited to put up the tree til this weekend. The tree and lights are up, the ornaments are on and the house has been filled with the Nativity scene, Santas everywhere, candles are lit, snowflakes/Santa and Christmas themed everything has been laid out and I am in the mood.

I told the boy I wanted to put up the tree today, then snuggled in a chair with my chihuahua as he untangled lights, fluffed the branches and uprighted the tree with some difficulty. As he struggled, he looked at me and said, “you wanted to put the tree up today” and I replied…”yeah, but when I said I wanted to put the tree up, I meant I wanted to watch YOU put the tree up today”. I don’t think he was amused.

Have you put your tree and decorations up yet? If so, what is your favorite decoration that you have put up?

Mine is the ornaments that I have acquired from the time I was a child because each one has a special story or memory that goes with it and which brings great happiness to me as I look back!




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