20 10 2010

D and I have been looking at cars for the past week…ever since my car bit the dust and refused to work properly. D has been giving me rides to and from work while I fill his gas tank in exchange for his chauffeuring services. It has been a tenuous situation that has been resting on us waiting for the bank to approve our financing proposal to buy a new car. We actually found a car that I fell in love with…only problem being that it was a salvage title, it had been rolled and restored to perfection (almost) and it is this pretty, fully loaded, smooth-riding beauty of a car. I really wanted it and could see myself driving around in it for the next few years instead of the beast of a clunker that is my present vehicle.

One problem…I don’t have the greatest credit so the loan was processed under D’s name…and that would mean that in addition to his extensive student loans…he would not be able to finance his own car purchase for a few years since the loan would be under his name even though I would make the payments. Bummer…but he decided that we should try to fix the Stratus and see how many more years we can get out of it rather than buy a new car.

In the mean time…I am trying to get my credit up so I can finance a loan on my own while simultaneously trying to a)fix that junk heap and b) look at new cars so I can price shop and see what I am looking for in a vehicle. I am super bummed that I am out of a car for the foreseeable future and that I am not going to be able to get a new car at all until D gets a better job or I can finance my own loan.

My heart is broken. I really wanted a safe car that looked nice, drove well and was safer than what I have now. It sucks that all my friends get new cars post grad and D and I are stuck driving crappy cars.

On top of that…he has a job interview at a place he has applied at a few times…it’s in Chanhassen and if he got it we would be moving back to the Cities (score) but I would have to leave my job that I adore (suck). So many new things going on and I am so sad because I watch all my friends get cars, engagement rings, houses and new experiences while I am stuck in this rut. I need a boost…or something.

Not the best day…I’m going to shower and crawl in bed and mope myself to sleep. Night all.




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