19 10 2010

4 noobs started at the office today with no advance warning. The result was instant chaos and confusion as they got the tour of the office, found lockers, went through orientation and finally got settled in just in time for a company-wide meeting about the next few jam-packed weeks. It was the epitome of stress on an already busy day due to high volume, deadlines and just the beginning of a busy work week.

I was assigned a noob. I barely made it through the day trying to get her versed in the ways of the force (aka big-ass account with high volume, a million and one rules, changes in policy every day and demanding quality levels). It was a long day!

D picked me up from work with Dolce (which always puts a smile on my face) and I had a relaxing afternoon at home cleaning, reading blogs and making a big pan of Annie’s vegetarian skillet lasagna. It was whole wheat pasta, celery, Morningstar Farms veggie burger crumbles and yummy sauce…all combined with a sprinkle of shredded parmesan. Somehow…the cooking was a perfect way to unwind after a day that had me ripping my hair out.

Hopefully…the rest of the week flies by and I have a chance to catch my breath…I’m not sure I can handle much more on the stress front as my ulcer is pulsing, my hair is falling out, I have giant bags under my eyes and my entire body aches.

I’m tired.

I’m stressed.

I hate noobs.




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