17 10 2010

Excuse my disappearance from my blog (an occurrence that has been happening more and more often lately) but life has been calling and there is little time to update! To catch you up in one quick minute:

+Work has been killer with client visits, deadlines, training manuals and lots of strange hours keeping my head spinning.

+The Virgin Rose finally died so D and I are looking at our options:

-Put a rebuilt transmission in her

-Buy a car that we have been looking at recently (provided financing goes through)

-Buy a car through Mr Hirsch (a family friend) at his Cambridge Motors in MN

-Carpool for awhile

+I need a haircut because my shaggy mess has gotten to the point where I am wearing it up all the time, my bangs are nonexistent, the length is too long and unmanageable and I am in need of a change.

+Allergies are killing me.

+I’m looking forward to the Halloween Hat Party in Kato a la Doom at the end of the month.

+I miss my besties. A LOT.

+Dolce has made a seemingly full recovery from her pancreatitis and has been driving me crazy begging for plain chicken boiled in water (her only treat right now).

+My ED is trying to make a full blown reappearance and I am fighting like the dickens to keep it down and out.

+A good portion of my crew has become newly engaged in the past six months or so and I am having an identity crisis…but congrats to Daver, Stun Gun, Chili Pepper, Dan’s cousins (Nate, Josh and Dustin), Cassi and Matt and April!

+I am planning on drinking wine and covering a pumpkin in glitter this upcoming weekend.

+I have become dependent on Cherry Vanilla Swirl Nyquil as a sleeping aid.

+I can’t find my Xanax.


and the kicker was that I have effectively convinced my father that I am a failure and an alcoholic when I drunk dialed him from the Heiny Going Away party at 1am because “someone told me that my dad had died” and I was “just checking”.

Note: completely obliterated + drunk dialing your teetotaling father at 1am = shame.


Off to salvage my weekend with 4 loads of laundry, cleaning and some reading.


PS I am back onto my mountaineering kick. I desperately want to climb Everest. Now all I need is a 2 month supply of Albuterol, $65000, climbing gear and a guide crazy enough to take me on as a client to the top of the world. Christmas present? lol




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