Fire Starter

11 09 2010

My origins sometimes feel like a bed of coals smoldering dimly in the darkness…barely shimmering with light and heat that is fading slowly into non-existence. The story of where and who I came from is so complex and shaded in grey that it seems dangerous to reach out to it as a child understands that it is dangerous to reach towards the glowing embers. Yet despite the implied danger, there is a pervasive temptation to slowly reach out towards the shimmering coals and tentatively touch that which can destroy.

Origins and individuality as unique as a fingerprint…melting away from the destructive heat that seems comforting and tantalizing from a distance; it is only up close that the danger and pain appears to shock and destroy. My background beckons to me as dancing flames that appear when fanned to life with the winds of time from the glowing coals…and roars to life to destroy the inquisitive hand that dares to stretch forth.




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