Summer Days Gone By

27 08 2010

A collection of blog ideas lies idly on my bureau, glaring reproachfully at me every time I walk out the door without blogging. The stack grows as the days pass and before I know it the summer has passed and the stack appears insurmountable. I have no idea why it took me so long to post again but the bare bones of the situation is that I have been living. It has taken me a long time to write again because there was nothing left to say about my present situation after the last post…I needed to decompress and unplug (I also stopped reading my iGoogle Reader and currently have over 2000 blog posts to read) and it did my body a world of benefit.

New things to recap:

The work situation has gone well. I enjoy the work I do and even though I find myself sometimes working 8am to 7:30pm with only my 1/2 hour lunch break because I am too swamped to take any other breaks….the work appeals to me. The big accounts are progressing and there is more than enough work to be done so I am focused, determined and capable of advancing from my current position if all goes well.

Wedding season came and went and there were so many memories made as I watched people I love join their lives together in new and delightful ways. The next wedding season is already lined up with four weddings that we know of and more to come 🙂 Congratulations to all my friends and family that are starting new chapters in their lives with someone they love.

I recently re-watched all the seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (classic…D and I have been watching since it came out and own all the seasons) and watched The Office for the first time through. Color me entertained 🙂

My love of books has been renewed after I impulse-purchased a Barnes and Noble membership card when drunkenly shopping the day after a girlfriend’s bachelorette in Kato this summer. I have since purchased many books off B& and Among them are listed:

+American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

+The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

+The Last Symbol by Dan Brown

+The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

+Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler

+My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler

+Shadow Tag by Louise Erdrich

+White Oleander by Janet Fitch

+Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

+The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

+His Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

+Eating for Englang by Nigel Slater

and countless others that escape recollection at this time because they are buries underneath a pile of clothes.

I have discovered the joys and woes of online shopping. Enough said.

My birthday came and went with lots of fun and laughter from a lovely night spent in Kato with my besties (thanks to Doom, Uppers, Chili Pepper, Heiny, Marti, Rachel the German, Isaiah, Stun Gun, Brit Brit, Voldemort, Vaske and the Gays for a memorable night out). D’s sister, Shell, baked me magical chocolate cupcakes with pink sprinkles (I bawled when I walked in the door because it has been years since anyone baked me birthday cake). D brought me lunch at work (since he got sent home from his work early and I was sad to have to work at all) on my bday and took me to dinner at Johnny Carino’s in the pouring rain. We got a massive chocolate bday cake thing on the house since it was my bday and I had one of the best glasses of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio that I have had in years.

My dad forgot it was my birthday and failed to call me on Monday (true to form). I cried because he forgot but I really shouldn’t be surprised since he has not sent me a gift or card for the last few bdays and Christmases. He dutifully called me the next day and instead of apologizing…basically told me it was to be expected since he is working so much…hmm.

My bday haul was amazing:

+love and laughter from my crew

+Lunch and dinner from D

+Sony E-Reader from D (I downloaded all of Frank L Baum’s works and a Louisa May Alcott anthology right away)

+The Office for PC and picture frame from Dolce

+Eat Pray Love from Ellen

+a book about Twilight from Shell

+a custom-made hardcover book of pictures of Dolce in some of her outfits (basically the coolest thing I have ever seen. Google Picaboo and check out their books because they could be amazing wedding, anniversary, bday, graduation, etc gifts).

+custom painting from Cheryl

+one of Cheryl’s books personalized for me

Basically had an amazing summer even though I am stuck way the fuck out here and missing MN terribly. I missed Breezy due to work and D has a virus and laryngitis so I am baking a casserole and spending the night watching Netflix with him. Also will be soothing Dolce’s nerves since I brushed her teeth, cleaned her ears, gave her a bath and brushed her all on the same day so she is a little disgruntled.

More to come!




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