Bye Bye Miss American Pie

3 07 2010

It’s a holiday weekend! I am excited for the 4th of July weekend because I desperately need a weekend off from my regular life.

Work has been going really well with lots of new projects that have been assigned to me and the variety has been keeping work new and exciting. I am really enjoying the different aspects of my job and it’s a relief to know I have a job where I don’t dread going to work and I actually enjoy what I do on a daily basis. The reason I am so excited about this break is that there has just been a lot of stress and deadlines so I am excited for a three day break with no work, deadlines, stress, etc.

There are no set plans for the weekend except a trip to the Taste of MN with Megs and some other friends to hear the Gin Blossoms play and enjoy some food and fireworks. I am hoping for some fun and relaxation along with a lot of laughter and photos. A lot of people in the crew are going to spend the weekend with family so I am glad that I have some friends that I get to hang out with on the long weekend. I drive in tomorrow with Megs and her friend and we come back Monday 🙂

I saw Eclipse and LOVED it. It is definitely my favorite Twilight movie thus far and I was impressed with David Slade’s ability to breathe new life into the characters and his perspective that came across as incredibly different yet slightly reminiscent of Thirty Days of Night (which I saw and looooooved). I am going again tonight with Megs….woot woot!

Food was simple this week. Whole wheat angel hair with veggie-laden marinara, Veggie Potstickers with Rice (Lean Cuisine), Morningstar Farm vegan burgers with salsa, onions, peppers, cheese and a La Tortilla Factory tortilla all wrapped up, veggie breakfast sausage and light string cheese for breakfasts on the run and grapes, melon and pepper strips and carrots with salsa for snacks. One of my fav meals this week was Eggs in a Bag…super simple and yummy.


You need a sealable freezer bag (make sure it isn’t storage, it has to be freezer) in a normal size similar to sandwich bags, 2 eggs, cheese, salt, pepper, Lawry’s (opt) or other spices and veggies of choice. You boil a pot of water that is big enough to submerge the bag or bags in all together (make sure if you are making more than one bag that there is room for them to bob around a little) and which has a fitted lid. Boil the water. Crack 2 eggs in each ziploc bag and squish them around to break the eggs and mix together. Add cheese of choice (shredded works best), seasonings and veggies (I like chopped onions, peppers, olives, peas, carrots, etc.) and squish around well to distribute ingredients. Seal bag, pressing air out of the top as you seal and drop in boiling water. Bring water back to boil and cook 13 min. Remove bags from water and check to make sure that the eggs are cooked in the middle (it can depend on how much stuff you put in your bag but 13 min is usually enough). Let cool slightly and then take eggs out of the bag and eat!

I like to pair this simple egg dish with hashbrowns and fruit 🙂

Hope you all have an awesome 4th of July! Make sure to drink plenty of fun and hydrating drinks over the weekend since it’s supposed to be warm!

I will be alternating




to make sure I have fun but don’t get too dehydrated!




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