Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

22 06 2010

It’s really warm today…like uncomfortably hot. I usually sit in my car on lunch breaks and enjoy some fresh air, sunshine and privacy while eating but today was really warm and I ended up feeling crappy from the heat. I tried to keep my car on for the AC but decided it probably wasn’t worth it in the end and went back in to work a little earlier than normal. Boo. We can’t wear shorts or tank tops so I wore jeans with a racerback tank and a baby tee underneath for the short sleeves so I wouldn’t get in trouble…good thing I wore short sleeves because I was roasting at work…scanning can be hot work sitting close to that roaring scan machine for 8 hours.

Picked up a new strapless tank for this weekend’s bach party (although I might still wear my pink, brown and white checkered sundress if I can fit “the girls” in the top…God knows I was a few cup sizes smaller when I bought it two years ago. Currently airing out the coon cap and praying it doesn’t rain because…really…who wants to wear a wet coon cap downtown?

Ate a Lean Cuisine with 2 Morningstar Farm chik’n fingers and I am chugging water…think I am dehydrated. Exhausted and probably going to bed early again…I was in bed at 8:30 last night and asleep before the sun went down haha. Getting up at 6am makes me tired and a little out of it for the morning part of the day…around noon I start to perk up a little.

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunny weather…hopefully the storms aren’t loud enough to wake me tonight but my sixth sense (the one that is TERRIFIED of thunderstorms) is like extra sensitive to thunder and lightning so who knows…I’ll probably be cowering in the corner of my bed hugging a sheep while the storm rages on outside. Dolce (the biggest scaredy cat chihuahua ever) doesn’t like storms either so if I sleep through the beginning of it I am sure that she will pounce on me to wake me up for the rest of it.

Looking forward to this weekend!!!




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