I said from the start

21 06 2010

that you could take it or leave it. Prefer that you keep it. Don’t let go.


Lots of changes in my life right now…not sure how much to share with the world so I am keeping it close to the vest right now til I have more concrete plans. For now…looking forward to AP’s bachelorette this weekend (third weekend in Kato in a row) and a shorter work week…I’m only doing 36 hours versus the whole 40 since I am taking Friday off 🙂

Exhausted from the past few wild weekends but enjoying the time out of SuFu and back with my crew…reminds me of who I am and helps me to stay focused on what I love about my friends and my life. I am seriously blessed with one of the best groups of friends a girl could have.

Lost my ring (and some dignity) on Sat night but had a great time talking and catching up with the crew and drinking entirely too many vodka sodas with lime. I made entirely too many bad decisions haha and I have the bruises and burns to show for it. Still not sure how I woke up covered in injuries but I did…and it was not a great drive home.

Totally rocking out MCS, Deathcab, Modest Mouse, Dashboard, Something Corporate, Blue Oct, Vampire Weekend and the rest of the amazing albums I have finally uploaded to the MP3 player (and it’s making the long drives and work fly by). Now to dust off my boots and coon skin cap for a weekend celebrating AP’s fling before the ring!

Better posting to come.




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