Redwood Falls

19 06 2010

The week was totally random, complete with new developments at work (I am now scanning documents in addition to my other small projects and data entry) and strange weather and new developments in my personal life which make me feel as though the world has been tipped upside down. I am trying to catch all the tiny pieces as they fall around me but some things are slipping through the cracks and I am anxious to settle down again.

I decided to visit Chili Pepper in Redwood Falls on Friday after work so I drove home, packed and took off for RF which is a mere 2 hours away from SuFu. I got there and got the tour of her home (seriously adorable and totally reflects her and Heiny’s personalities and their relationship together) and then we made a beer run. Sugar free Red Bulls and Svedka vodka anyone? Somehow we skipped dinner and ended up getting tanked on 2 Vodka Red Bulls and 1 vodka soda with lime…and then the drunken shenanigans came around. We attempted to put her ringtones, music, pics and movies on my sd card and transfer them from her old env2 to her new env2…and that was a fail because not only did it erase all her data but it erased ALL of my MP3s off the card so we spent some time trying to find the data and then going and reloading my music onto the card again. It did not work and we laughed and cried a little over how technology outbested us. We drunk dialed and texted altogether too many people (sorry if you got a drunk call or text from us last night) and had a blast but she worked in the am so we hit the sack at a quarter to three.

This morning was not wonderful. Neither of us were really hung over but we were tired and hungry. She went to work and I leisurely showered, dressed, repainted my nails and watched New Moon on my laptop til noon when we ventured out to Pizza Hut to get personal pan pizzas (cheese and green olives for me and pepperoni for her) and Father’s Day cards. We then stopped at a little boutique that sold gorgeous bags, clutches, shirts, accessories and jewelry and she got a tank with a great racerback crochet back and I got a clutch/wallet thing to replace the Vera Bradley wallet I have been using for the last few years (and which needs to be retired asap). After the shopping we went back to the house to do our nails, hair makeup and pack for the night in Kato that awaits us.

It’s been awesome to catch up with my bestie (we haven’t seen each other in 6 months since graduation and 12 Bars in Kato) and it reminds me why I love and miss her so much. It sucks to have a bestie that you love and get along with that lives 2 hours away 🙂 but it’s awesome when we reunite.

Tonight the plan is to head down to Kato and hang with Doom, Dizzle, Uppers, Blaw, Ogre and whoever else is running around down there…she is going to start drinking early and stop early to sober up to come home and sleep in her own bed and get her dog but the rest of us are going to have a bender (I would imagine). Can’t wait to see everyone and chill with the crew. Adore my new tanks from American Eagle and my new clutch from the boutique…I have been challenged to go a night with just my cell, lip gloss and that clutch but I am not sure I can.

I cleaned my purse out today and was appalled at all the crap that I carry around on a daily basis: Sinus Motrin, ibuprofen, Pepto, Lysol, Bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizer, Purell, gum, mints, 6 kinds of lip gloss or lipstick, concealer, pens, 3 head bands and multiple hair ties, 2 bunches of keys, GPS, MP3 player, phone, headphones, vitamins, Coach clutch with personal items, Coach wallet, swipe badge for work, book or journal, jewelry, hand lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, cigs and lighter, perfume and other stuff I can’t remember right now. It weighs a ton.

Hope you have a fun weekend everyone!




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