Oh the things we do to ourselves…

15 06 2010

I seriously had an awesome weekend in Kato with besties. It was an amazing night with all the fun I had been missing. Now I want to move back. Sorry to say it but I HATE SuFu and cannot wait til I can move back to MN. I am considering making the move asap if I can get a job because I do not enjoy being this far from friends and fam. Bad move on my part to drop everything to move out here…

So the search is on for housing and a new job back in the Cities so I can be closer to friends and fam…one downfall is I love my job here (wish it paid a little more) and would not want to start over somewhere else because I hate job jumping…I like to work somewhere for a long period of time. The move all hinges on my ability to get a job in the Cities and find somewhere to live 🙂 Who is excited that I am potentially moving back?

One other result of this weekend will not be discussed on the blog but it complicated life a million times over and I am conflicted…it’s eating me away inside and I have no one to talk to about it because I promised to keep it on the DL but I am soul searching to see what I want for my future and my life…all I know is that I am not happy right now and I potentially have a chance to become happier if I make a big (and I mean gigantic) decision…pray for me that I make the right one.




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