Memorial Day Weekend

31 05 2010

So this weekend did not go as planned but I am enjoying the time off from work and responsibilities! Initially I was planning on doing a long weekend with friends but it seemed that plans were not forming so I nixed the Cities and Mankato at the last minute. My dad also invited my boyfriend and I back to the Cities to see the new house that him and my stepmom bought and were moving into (apparently my aunt from CO is also in town visiting for the weekend and it would have been fun to catch up with her since it has been years since we last saw her). Last minute, he had a blow up at me (he is super stressed with a series of things that are going on in his life right now and I believe that he inadvertently took that stress out on me) and D and I decided to forgo the visit. That resulted in an unplanned weekend.

Friday night I was too upset about the undeserved tongue-lashing I received from father dear so I stayed in and sulked…I was also exhausted from work. Saturday was fun filled with lazing around and cleaning the house but that night we went to a friend’s apartment and I got a little too “happy” and woke up wearing a Superman t shirt, unbuttoned jeans and a whopper of a hangover. (Note: apparently D unbuttoned my jeans so I would be “more comfortable”) The next morning my liver hated me and I had the fun task of following drunk me around the apartment retrieving my scattered belongings. I spent the day recovering with naps, fluids and attempts to eat. D grilled with Brian and spent the day drinking and enjoying the nice weather outside…I spent it in bed.

Today will probably be more relaxed again with maybe some cocktails and reading, listening to music, watching Netflix and maybe a workout (since I really need to run and the treadmill is cleaned off now).

Hope you are all having an awesome Memorial Day weekend!




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