Grad Bash

22 05 2010

The last week has been full of preparations for this weekend when D’s little brother graduated from high school. There has been tons of shopping, organizing, communicating with caterers and venue liaisons and general anxiety…today is the kid’s grad party and tomorrow is the grad ceremony (complete with boring speeches, tons of kids and fam and mass) so it’s going to be a busy weekend.

I spent the entire morning cleaning, packing, organizing and getting ready for tonight when we race to the venue, set up, decorate and get the food ready so people can come wish Mitch well on his recent accomplishment.

I’m exhausted and a little stressed because I savor the weekends as being times for recuperation from the exhausting and demanding work week…kind of a bummer when I have to race all weekend, as well, and don’t get a chance to relax at all.

Off to finish painting my nails (which got chipped to hell scraping stickers off the bottom of serving vessels), folding laundry, vacuuming and cleaning before showering my stinky a$$ and hauling off to the grad venue.




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