Achy Breaky

16 05 2010

After all my exertions yesterday I woke up feeling less than limber…my back is exceedingly sore (per usual whenever I do anything active and the old injuries flair up) and strangely I am feeling muscles that I haven’t for a while. It probably didn’t help that I was up late waiting for D to come home from a friend’s house but I fell asleep before he got home.

We went to Mass with his parents because his brother was honored for graduating high school at the end of the ceremony. There was a reception afterwards with cinnamon rolls, fruit, orange juice, water, coffee, egg bake and other breakfast items and I met some of D’s family friends and people who had gone to school with him. I wore dark dress jeans, babydoll plaid top, white cardigan, yellow peep toe heels.

The rest of the day was spent blissfully…long walk with D and Dolce, nap, watching Buffy again and working on one of my many projects that I have invented to keep myself from going nuts without homework and class to occupy my time (I miss being a student).

D is applying for jobs and we’re hoping that he gets one of them so that we can move onto our next step in life. Pray that we get jobs soon!

I am off to soak in the tub or take a long hot shower to let the hot water loosen up the back muscles and talk the bf into rubbing me a little in exchange for doing 5 loads of laundry, reorganizing and cleaning the room yesterday and making him ice cream sammies this week 🙂

Have a nice night!




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