Spring Cleaning?

15 05 2010

I cleaned the room that D and I share today…it was in desperate need of it and I should have taken before and after pictures but honestly I don’t know if I would have had the courage to put something that horrific on the Internet…there might have been small children around. The room looked like a clothing bomb had exploded, sending clothes all over and necessitating me playing “is this clean or dirty” for 2.5 hours this afternoon.

I sorted clothes, reorganized the closet and dresser so that I am finally wearing clothes that are not stored on the floor in an open suitcase (as I have been since December when I packed after 12 Bars of Xmas and drove to SuFu). D is being a good sport with me constantly moving stuff around and sharing his room with me since there isn’t a ton of space and I have a lot of clothes and shoes…and I mean a lot. He has suffered through my teetering stacks of books, boxes of cosmetics, shoes, purses, clothes, etc. with nary a complaint and has given me half of his dresser and closet to store my beautiful clothes. He’s been a trooper…I should probably buy him a PS3 game or Blu Ray…

The sheets are clean, the floor is swept and the room is not scattered with books, eyeliner pencils, shoes, purses and random wedding magazines stuff. The garbage has been taken outside and extra stuff is in the back of my car to go to the storage unit. I have a feeling that a lot of the discordance that has resulted from the chaos of our room will be diminished due to the organizational skills I have implemented…

I seriously love organization. I love making things neat and orderly and in rows (I love rows of things when everything is lined up neatly and evenly) because it gives me a sense of calm. There was a realization that swept through me today that I have been feeling stressed lately and that the deep calm that settles in me when I clean or organize is healthy in its own way. I used to think it was compulsive (and most likely it is) but when things like spring cleaning give me this calm and happiness…can it really be so bad?




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