Wac Wackiness

8 05 2010

I’m in Waconia for the weekend with some of the engineering boys from MSU. My plans for Dubuque fell through last minute and I was kind of bummed out until I figured out the other plans for the Waconia weekend. These boys can be a little wacky and they are hilarious, fun, new and different from the normal crew so there are all new exciting adventures

D, Brian and I all took Friday off work, which meant that I squeezed all my work hours into the first four days of the week so that I could leave on Friday! I worked fast and furious throughout the week so that I would be able to get to my hour quota and enjoyed Thursday night by lounging in bed (exhausted and frazzled) and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 on Netflix.

Throughout the week we had awesome eats (homemade lasagna, sammies on whole grain bread with soy Swiss and veg salami and veggies, vegetarian tacos with loads of fixings! I also got to enjoy Sherlock Holmes (I watched it a couple times because it rocked!) from Redbox and thoroughly enjoyed it because it was funny, well-thought-out, had great graphics and I adore Jude Law…I do. The fashion for the characters was so pimped out…loved Watson’s military-esque costumes with the high stiff collars and embellishments….adored Holmes’ strange assortment of clothing and the vibrant fuschia of Miss Adler’s gown when we first meet her. I really enjoyed it and I am searching on amazon.com for a gently used Blue Ray of my own.

Friday was filled with disappointment when the one day that I had to sleep in and not worry about getting up at 6am was destroyed by me waking up at 6am without an alarm clock. My body so quickly attunes itself to waking at a set time (partly because of my paranoia that I am going to be late or sleep through an alarm that I wake up periodically just to check the time) that I can never sleep in and I find myself just waking up for no reason. I convinced myself to sleep again til 7am and then got up and finished Stephenie Meyer’s The Host which I had been nursing for the last few weeks. I read avidly on breaks at work but find myself reading less and less at home since my eyes and brain are tired. I really enjoyed it but bawled like a baby the entire last three or four chapters…it was far less predictable than I had anticipated.

I ran errands (picking up power strips, cds and a sleeping bag from the storage unit, getting the chihuahua’s nails done at Pooch n Purr in SuFu and getting new books at the library). The rest of the morning flew by as I cleaned the room, packed, ripped cds to transfer to my MP3 player and phone and showering/dressing. We made it out the door a little after 2pm and drove 4 hours through the rain (sad weather) to make it to Waconia for dinner with Nick, Kayla, Brian, Ryan, D and myself. We went to Island View (http://www.islandviewdining.com/menu.html) for dinner and I had the Veggie Stir Fry (which was yummy but huge…I barely ate 1/3 before I was full. I also snuck 1 of D’s onion rings and one of Ryan’s fries). We made a beerrun and headed back to Nick and Kayla’s house where we watched YouTube videos, played Rock Band, played ping pong and DDR and generally relaxed with cocktails.

Note: at some point I crawled onto the guest bed with my sheep and sleeping mask (the pink and black one that says “princess” and fell asleep while they listened to YouTube videos. D found me a few hours later when he fell on the blankets I was sleeping under and squished me…

This morning we all got up and the guys played Modern Warfare 2 while Nick made delicious protein pancakes (I had one small pancake) and we all rehydrated. The clouds are clearing, the grass is drying from yesterday’s rainfall and everyone is getting geared up for day 2 of the drinking fest while playing frisbee outside and generally getting some fresh air. Hopefully the temperatures will warm up and the sun will stay around so we don’t freeze outside. I also have a breakfast date with Doom around noon so I am looking forward to a chill, fun day!!!

We were also thinking about hitting up Iron Man 2 or a Twins’ game tonight but due to the weather postponing the Twins’ game and the movie requiring one of us to stay sober to drive to it…I think we’re staying in…maybe a little Lord of the Rings tonight? Or New Moon?

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you planning to travel home to see your mother tomorrow for Mother’s Day? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with love and laughter! Hug your Momma and thank her for all she has done for you!!!




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