Vamp It Up

28 04 2010

The first three days of this week have gone by pretty quickly even though I was strangely exhausted, lethargic and barely awake for Monday and Tuesday. I have been downing Diet Mt Dew crack like it’s my job because I am very affected by caffeine and I was hoping that the caffeine would help keep me alert. Today was a little better thanks to drinking less water last night and finding the ability to sleep almost all the way through the night. I usually get up a few times to use the ladies’ room but I only got up once (woo hoo). Let’s hope for a good night’s rest tonight, as well because I still have 2 more days of work to go!!!

I have been entertaining my exhausted self with Netflix this week 🙂 I have watched all three seasons of Arrested Development with D in the last week or so and now I am onto reliving some good ole episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer…and not enjoying them as much as I used to. Somehow…falling in love with R Patz and the rest of the Cullen clan in the Twilight series have taken the fun out of Angel and the vamp crew since a) they are super ugly on the show and b) Buffy slays them and that makes me sad. I used to really like this show but now it’s dated, the graphics and effects are underwhelming and I am not down with the idea of vampires being the bad guys and getting killed by super human girl. Oh well, still enjoying it a little as a wind down after long days staring at a computer screen.

On that note…my eyes are blood red from staring at the computer screen and wearing hard lenses…I need to invest in some eye drops or Visine because I look like I went overboard on 4/20 last week and haven’t come down 😦

I am off to watch some more Buffy, revel in the fact that I have finally a) repainted my super-chipped nails b) washed and dried my hair rather than just wet the damn stuff down, condition and put in a twist to sleep on overnight c) cleaned the kitchen twice today and not broken anything.

How is your week going, love pies?




One response

28 04 2010

Ahhh I LOOOOVE Arrested Development!!!! I soooo hope they make the movie!!!

And yes you should def make the margaritas for Cinco de Mayo!!! Mmmm I want one now 🙂

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