Lovely Bones

24 04 2010

Pardon my absence in blogging…I have been enjoying the weekend by reading tons of blogs (yes I have finally cleared 130 blog posts from my Reader…you are all amazing), celebrating my 5 year with the boy (finally) with a decadent dinner at Olive Garden, buying 2 books (one at Barnes and Noble and on at because I am weird because I can never decide on what books to buy), charging my MP3 player, doing tons of pushups, cleaning the house, bathing the chihuahua, watching The Lovely Bones.

I read Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones a few years ago and really liked it. It was one of those books that made me cry…I put down the book and bawled in the scene where her dad smashes the bottled ships…and I don’t even adore fiction. This was an emotionally expressive book and I was interested to see how it would translate onto the screen. I was not overly impressed. Loved Susan Sarandon (does the woman ever age??? and that hair!) and Rachel Weisz…they were so emotionally connected. The lead was amazing (although I cannot type or pronounce her name) and I am (as always) a big fan of Tucci’s work.

I was disappointed with the weird “heaven” scenes since they didn’t a) stay true to the book b) make Susie’s heaven seem as lonely and heart breaking and disconcerting as I felt it was in the book c) make death look difficult to transition through. I thought the book was more expressive and although I enjoyed seeing Grandma come to life (furs, cigarettes, liquor and that hair and makeup…oofta!) I missed some of the information.

The book was more detailed, had more information about background and what happened to fill in the blanks; I felt like there was a rushed “let’s tie up the loose strings to get this movie to a conclusion” feel but oh well.

Movie was still great…I am off to drink the rest of my wine spritzer (homemade wine and club soda) and cuddle my fresh-smelling chihuahua and snuggle the boy. More posting to come!!!




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