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21 04 2010

This week is racing by…and I have no idea why.

That rhymed. Oops.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I am a little random this post…probably due to sleep deprivation and the fact that I have slept on French braids the last 3 nights in a row to get waves in my hair (and they were braided tightly, resulting in strange blood flow patterns). I’m weird today. No alcohol included :S eek.

I haven’t done much this week except try to step up on pushups, walks and crunches (dear Lord, I miss being a size 0 with little effort) since I want to get in shape, lose the weight and stop just whining about it. I finished re-reading Breaking Dawn for the fifth or sixth time and started reading The Host (which D reluctantly gifted me for our 5 year anniversary)…D understands what happens when I like a book (meaning I will carry the darn thing around with me to eat, brush my teeth, get water, in bed, even when driving if I could legally).

My food has been veggie-riffic with tons of salads, veggies and Flat Out wraps. Go me.

I have also consumed an inordinate amount of diet mt dew crack that has contributed to my jittery weirdness. I wore my shirt inside out to work today and not only did no one say anything the whole day but D said that it looked better inside out than the right way. I guess that means that the shirt isn’t a winner?

My nights have been filled with online shopping for a dress to wear to the 4 weddings I have this summer (good Lord…weddings weddings weddings and no…I am not included in that list). I need something that will make me look skinny, happy and fine with not being engaged after 5 years of dating the same person (cue Victoria’s Secret convertible dresses).

I am now off to eat fat free frozen yogurt, curse the Netflix disc that is NOT working and perhaps persuade the boyfriend to “cheese grate” my feet (I NEED a pedicure) which means letting him go to town on my dead feet that have stopped feeling due to years of figure skates, ballet slippers, 4” high heels and my hatred for socks and flat shoes. I basically let him grab my foot scraper (that looks like a microplane in the kitchen) and do work…poor boy.

Ok, seriously done with the random a$$ post…promise to return to intellectually stimulating programming blogging tomorrow.

Do you ever have random days where you’re just happy to survive?




2 responses

22 04 2010

Wow I need to convince my Manfriend to work on my runner’s feet! haha not sure he’ll go for that one though..

Omg Diet Mt Dew is CRACK!!!

23 04 2010

lol, Diet Mt Dew is my secret obsession, it seriously gets me through some tough days 😉

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