17 04 2010

I have been an organ donor for years. I made the decision because I have a mother, aunt and grandmother who have all had kidney transplants…organ donation is a big part of my life because I have seen firsthand what it is like to have someone you care for need something that can only come from a gracious and generation donation. I don’t know if my organs are any good, but if something happens to me, I want them to go to someone who needs them. I can change someone’s life by making one small decision now…it’s too late after I’m gone so I made the decision when I got my license that I wanted to be an organ donor.

Today I registered with the MN Donation for Life program which educates, registers and simplifies the red tape that comes with organ donation (especially if it isn’t indicated on your license).

I really encourage people to consider this…it isn’t for everyone but for those that are comfortable with the choice, please register with your state and put it on your license. It could change someone’s life. It could save someone’s life.

Looking back, I am really grateful for the people that made the choice to be organ donors and gave my family more years with those relatives that were faced with their own organs wearing out. It’s a scary thing, and one that I will probably see more since my little brother has kidney issues that affect his quality of life. He probably will need a donation someday, and I pray that there is someone generous enough when the time comes…




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