15 04 2010

I have been on a classical music kick lately…lovin’ me some old dead white guys’ music.

I have always been a closet classical music freak but never really told people because most people give me a quizzical look like “so much music in the world…why are you listening to something with no words, catchy lyrics and annoying beats?”. My answer is that it’s classic for a reason…it’s awesome.

I love the beauty of its simplicity and its complexity at the same time. There aren’t a bunch of techno tones underlying the music…it’s just great instruments and great musicians making music that speaks to the soul. I really feel like classical music speaks to the soul.

Music that has great meaning is important to me. I enjoy listening to music when sung in other languages, as well…something about not understanding the words but still understanding the intention is beautiful and cathartic. I can feel the emotion rolling up and down with the notes as they are played and I enjoy the sound instead of focusing on what the words mean. Josh Groban is a big fav for me when it comes to more contemporary music…and I am a closet Il Divo fan, as well. This music has been getting me through the long days at work because it calms and centers me as I type away…it’s classic in its intent and its execution…and for me, that’s classic.




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