It’s Going to Be Fabulous Today…Don’t Argue With Me, Just Accept It

14 04 2010

I had a good day. It’s gorgeous out. I woke up saying to myself “today is going to be fabulous and that’s that”…and it was pretty fabulous.

Work went well. No one talked to me…again. I didn’t mind…it’s fun people watching without having to share about myself. I bonded with people at the last two jobs I had and I was sad to leave them behind but now that I am faced with a longer term job…I have no chance of making friends? Strange…

I got moved off the quality check at work (meaning I consistently scored 99% or better on accuracy when someone else followed me through to look at my work) so now I am sending my work straight to the client…let’s hope I’m doing it all correctly! I was surprised because I had little to no training and it’s only been 2 days…but it was kind of cool to be validated that way.

My new MP3 player was great…I listened to Josh Groban for most of the day and loved it…that man can sing. I also sneaked/snuck in a little Blue October because I am crazy in love with that band and it was just chill enough to work. I don’t want any of my crazy workout or party music when at work so the quiet stuff suits me just fine.

Relaxed in the shower when I got home…snuggled the chihuahua…the Wii Netflix disc came in the mail today and that was great…I also snuck some lemon creme cookies (amaze) and caught up on blog reading…I had over 100 posts today to get through. My Reader has been getting outta control.

I’m off to enjoy the gorgeous weather and maybe do some pushups and crunchy things…I was going to run but allergies are making my head hurt so I’m skipping it since breathing is a good idea when one is running…and since I can’t breathe…I could be in a bit of a pickle.

Ok…toodles! Dinner will be taco veggies in a multigrain flat out wrap…I’m boring.




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