Panic Time

13 04 2010

Today was a day of panic. I was up every 2 hours last night for female issues (TMI?) and that made me sleep deprived and nervous for day 2 at the new job. I really did not want to be exhausted and stupid when I have had so little training and really need to be on top of my game.

I got to work and panicked for about 8.5 straight hours…that was great. I panicked because I have had so little training (as in none) for this job and I am being quality checked when I don’t even know what I am supposed to be doing. Panic all over that disco…. (does anyone remember that band? I actually liked them when I saw them at Lolla 2006).

I went to the seventh circle of hell walmart to get a cheap MP3 player because they won’t let me have my phone at my desk even though that is what I use for my music. We’re allowed to listen to music at our desks (maybe to drown out some of the freaking noise since the scanners, shredders, loading docks, and workers themselves are exceptionally loud and it can get hard to concentrate) so I wanted a cheapie to use…walmart came to my rescue. I also got eyeliner, mints, stuff for my girl issue and crackers…Miss Random over here. Then I realized that my credit card and license are in my trench coat pocket in my car (parked in the horrendous parking lot) so I tried to write a check…which meant that they needed my SSN and phone number…which I stupidly spouted off in the middle of a checkout line. The guy behind me looked at me and went “Better go home and get one of those id protection services cuz I just got your SSN and phone number”…..doh! I am an idiot. I don’t think he’ll do anything but I have one of those ID protector services, ironically enough and a low enough credit score that I *dare* him to steal my ID…maybe he can pay off some of my debt while he’s at it?

On my way out of walmart I realize that the chick at the cash register did not ring up my MP3 player so I had to backtrack to customer service to get it…$70 later I traipse out to my car (followed by hollering black men who are hauling cases of water and asking me if I want some????) and go home where I inhaled a flat out wrap with some leftover taco veggies and cheddar from last night and some of my crackers. Yum…then I showered, cursed the MP3 player for not setting up on the laptop correctly, facebook stalked a bunch of people and watched the boyfriend make spaghetti. I am now going to lie in bed and try not to panic anymore. I somehow panicked in the shower when I realized I didn’t have a towel (second night in a row I did that) and when I got home and Dolce didn’t greet me at the door (D took her for a car ride). Wild day, I’m exhausted. Night all…

What do you do to deal with panic????




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