Kato Trip

11 04 2010

I had a great weekend making a one-night trip to Kato. I left for Kato on Saturday afternoon and when I got there I picked up the requisite vodka, diet tonic and lime for vodka tonics. I met the guys at Shelby’s house where I found Ogre, Doom and Dan sitting in the backyard playing football while waiting for Shelbs and Marx to come back with the grill they bought. The guys came back with a grill, fire pit and chairs so we spent some time enjoying the gorgeous weather, grilling out and having a bonfire. It was great to catch up and even more fun to play Rock Band and have drinks inside after the weather got colder and the wood ran out. Epic weekend, epic adventures, awesome to see some long lost friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and I actually got to sleep on the mattress that is kept in the basement and brought up for sleepovers. I never get to sleep on that thing.


+I didn’t throw up.

+I had a blasty hanging with the crew

+No drama

+I didn’t have to sleep on the floor

+No one humped my sheep


+I slept with the tiniest blanket and froze my tushy off

+I drank entirely too much vodka

+I forgot to eat so I drank on an empty stomach

+I got blisters (giant) on both pointer fingers from drumming in Rock Band


Overall success…next time, more food, less fail. One highlight…waking up and doing the morning after food run to Chipotle, the Hub and Lee Ann Chin. I enjoyed my first Chipotle burrito in like three or four months. I had fajita veggies, rice, cheese, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream in a huge ass tortilla. I ate 1/3 and had an apple juice. Somehow Dizzle got the Chipotle people to let us move some tables into the sun so we sat practically in the parking lot to eat. Thanks for an awesome night, besties…let’s get geared to do it again next weekend.

PS the drive home was awful and I was so tired that I almost fell asleep a couple times…note to self: drink water at the end of the night when you decide to stay up til 4am…just do it.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends! What did you do this weekend?




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