10 04 2010

Have you heard of ChatRoulette? It’s a website where people are randomly paired with other people to chat via voice, text and video…and it can get crazy. A person armed with a webcam goes to and signs on to have a random person to chat with…and the games begin. People converse or choose to “next” a person and get another random person to chat with. The users have to be 16 and up and there is no pornographic activity allowed. If a person is using the site inappropriately, the users can report it and if enough people report an abuser, that person can be blocked for 10-40 min. It’s becoming a strange new craze.

I discovered ChatRoulette a while ago when I found some of the pairings that were recorded and then put on YouTube. You can google for some funny piano improvisations where a gentleman sings random songs to the people who appear in his chat window. You can find a hilarious Lady Gaga parody (my personal favorite) where a man dressed (badly) as Lady Gaga reenacts her Telephone song. You can find lots of different videos of people interacting on this site (which is mostly funny) but be prepared for the strange, the hilarious, the interesting, the unexpected. You will be exposed to a wide cross section of the human race, and you might not enjoy everyone you meet, but you’ll have a great experience as you lose yourself on ChatRoulette.

Note: It’s strange that a young teen created this site in 1-2 days and runs it from his bedroom in his parents’ home with the help of 4 remote techs that work to keep the site functioning. He got the idea from The Deer Hunter where prisoners of war were made to play Russian Roulette…enjoy!




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