Kick Up My Heels

9 04 2010

It’s gorgeous outside.

I am admiring the sunshine and begging my allergies to simmer down so I can have some fun tonight.

A few friends in SuFu want to get together for drinks and I am thinking that the pretty weather has me in the mood for some fun.

I am wearing black shorts with Swiss lace, grey tank, boyfriend’s oversized black and white vertical striped dress shirt belted with a black woven belt and black and hemp espadrille peep-toe wedges. Long flowing hair, big sunglasses, white fingernails and jet black toe nails and a little bling…sounds like a perfect ‘fit for some vodka sodas with lime.

I think I’m gonna lay back, listen to some music and relax. I have the most random music on my phone: Josh Groban, RHCP, Dave Matthews Band, Kesha, Lady Gaga, Paramore, Flyleaf, Blue October, LMFAO, MGMT, Taio Cruz, Lonely Island, Cobra Starship, 3oh3, Yiruma, RPatz…does it get better? I feel like listening to it all right now because that is one kickin’ mix…and I feel in the mood to kick up my peep-toe heels and run around in a meadow full of spring flowers…while clutching my asthma inhaler, Claritin, Kleenex and eye drops.

Have a happy spring day!




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