You were cherished in this world

8 04 2010

I have been watching Bones on Netflix lately and in Season 2’s finale there is a message that had me thinking. Temperance gets a message from her mother that explains why Temperance was abandoned by her parents (something I can relate to); her parents left to protect her…they left her out of love. I have to say that I felt a pang when I watched that part.

I know that my biological mother gave me away out of love…it’s something that I have fought against for years and something that has never settled with me 100% because it’s hard to accept that being abandoned is a good thing that came from good intentions. The message that Temperance got from her mother was to know that she was cherished in this world…that she was adored. I think that’s a message every child needs to hear in their lifetime, something they need to know.

I think that to hear those words from my biological mother would mean more to me than I can ever say. I think those words would help to heal the wound that never gets better and never shrinks. Those words would prove to me that there was a reason for the path that my life took and that there was someone who wanted me, loved me and adored me enough to give me a chance that they couldn’t give me. I know this might seem overly sentimental and needy but this has been a yearning that just grows with time as I mature and feel the void left by not knowing my true biological parents.

Inside, I guess there’s still a small child who needs to be told that she was cherished in this world.




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