April Fool’s Day

1 04 2010

Today is my 5 year anniversary with D.

We met at an April Fool’s Day party in Kato on April 1, 2005 and our lives changed forever…

Neither of us was looking for a relationship and I don’t think we were even looking for each other but the stars somehow aligned for us to meet that night…he was tall and quiet and he had those bright blue eyes that made me melt (I’m a sucker for pretty eyes). He wore jeans, a RHCP shirt with a track jacket and a hat and he looked so different than the normal preppy, pretty, cocky guys I dated. I was wearing a Hawaii trucker hat, giant aviators and was drinking whiskey out of a pink sippy cup while handing out Easter candy to party people. We were a match made in heaven 🙂

Dan Profile 2005 Barmuda Doogs 2006


We went to my apartment (which was right next door to the apartment the party was in and across the parking lot from his apartment) and watched Shrek 2 and colored in coloring books til the sun came up. The next night we met at another party and then on the last day of the weekend he came and took me on a walk around the neighborhood…and I fell for him.

Blk and White Party Dan and Katie 2006

We dated and took it slow because I don’t know that either of us was trying to be in a relationship at the time…it was exactly what we needed to get to know each other.

Dan and Katie Twins Game 2006

We met each other’s families and hometowns after we had dated for a while and done a summer apart for long distance and then he came back for school at MSU where we both were trying to get degrees.

Katie and Dan Summer 2006 1

It was a fun time filled with parties, class, homework and friends…he took me on romantic dates and I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this kid with the goofy sense of humor and the pretty blue eyes that made me melt.

Dan and I Black and White

Years passed and we weathered periods of long distance totaling 2 years. We weathered job changes, the death of my grandfather, my dad’s remarriage, my mom’s cancer, fights and tears, romantic and fun dates and tons of experiences that tested our relationship. We were so young when we started dating…

Confirmation April 2007

I joined the Catholic church in 2007 and he was my sponsor as I went through RCIA.

Dolce and Mommy June 2007

We got a dog together (Dolce Dior) and enjoyed a new realm of responsibility in caring for her together as chihuahua mommy and daddy.

Katie and Dan June 2006 Nate Bday

And now…5 years later…I’m in SuFu living with him and his fam and loving the extra time I get to have with him. We’re older, wiser and graduated from college…but we’re still just as much in love.

Kissy Face 2008

Happy Anniversary, D…I love you with every breath in my body.




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