Windows Live Writer

31 03 2010

I finally downloaded Windows Live Writer after reading about it from a few other bloggers and deciding that this would make blogging simpler and more accessible. Hopefully, this will result in more blog posts since I would like to start writing more as I finally adjust to my work schedule and new life in SuFu. I have missed writing more than I realized and due to the sensitive nature of my job, I can’t disclose any information about what I do so I have been nervous to write since there isn’t much else going on in my life beyond job searching, working and trying to figure out the future plans. I am stuck in limbo and feel like if I can get my writing voice back in use…I’ll see the rest of the pieces fall in place. Who knows?

So here is my first official post from Windows Live Writer…excited to explore it more and see if this makes blogging more enjoyable (not that I don’t love blogging…just find wordpress to be a little overwhelming in setting up posts sometimes).

I’m praying…crossing my fingers…wishing on stars that someone picks up my shift today at work as it is my 8th day in a row and I am worn out, frazzled, exhausted and near tears at the thought of having to work. At least tomorrow is a day off finally and it will mean more to me since I have put this much effort into working the past week plus a day.

I’ve found that things mean more when you have to work for them and when you have had an absence of something in your life (like a day off), when you finally get that something…it means more (like a day off).




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