29 03 2010

It feels like every piece of pollen, mold and allergy-inducing crap is airborne right now, flying around the atmosphere in an effort to stop my breathing…luckily, I have Airborne and Tylenol Cold and Flu and Ibuprofen and throat lozenges and a boyfriend that brings me lots of fluids when I make it home from work and collapse into bed. Luckily, I have a big bed that supports me when I collapse onto it for 12 hours after work to regain the energy I expended typing for deaf people. Luckily, I think my body is getting more accustomed to the stuff in the air and might be coming back to life.

Update…my cold, sinus infection, allergy attack might be getting better and even though I have worked the last 5 days straight and have 3 more to go before a one day break…I might survive. I tried to get rid of my days but no luck so far so booo…I guess I have 3 more work days before I can celebrate a very special day with D and remember the care free days I used to have when school and class were the most important responsibilities I had. I miss the fun times of college and I am really bummed about being an adult and want to return to age 21 when life was simpler, I was thinner, allergies were less severe and there was less crap airborne to take me down.

Day 6 in a row coming….I hope I can make it through with a big bottle of water, meds and Eclipse and The Bingo Palace to get me through work!




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