12 Hours

25 03 2010

I have been sleeping 12 hours a night (roughly) for the past two weeks. It’s beginning to frighten me. At first I thought it was just part of beginning a new job and fighting a cold and then PMSing and weird stuff but now it’s been going on for a while and I know that I am fighting The Plague  but I wonder what is going on with my body that it requires 12 hours of sleep a night plus a shot of caffeine in the day…am I not sleeping well during the night?

I know that I have nightly nightmares that have been haunting me for years and lately the dreams have gotten worse become more horrific, more realistic and more annoying in that they don’t end…and often recur. I need one good night’s sleep with no nightmares or getting up every 4 hours to use the ladies’ room because of the water chugging I have been doing to flush the demon (aka allergies or the sinus infection plus asthma and cold symptoms I have been fighting) that lives inside me and has resisted all my normal remedies.

Sorry my posts have been so lackluster and uninspired…

Normal blogging will resume when I do not feel so overwhelmed at work, with the job search, with the flu/sinus infection/allergies/death issue that I have been fighting…

For now…I have been reading Nigel Slater’s Eating for England lately because I bought it off amazon a few months ago and never got into it but it’s great reading for work with little vignettes about food that the English eat, food he ate as a child in England and how the country has a culture of food that is different than what people assume it would be…I thought about American culture and our food and how it reflects on us…not great…not impressed…kinda sad… and I was thinking about food memoirs…

What do you think? Are food memoirs good or are they too subjective to appeal to people?

I am fascinated by other people and their reflections on food and childhood so Nigel Slater’s books work for me…But I understand that this isn’t the case for all people!




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