11 out of 14

16 03 2010

I will be working the next 11 out of 14 days…because I am an idiot.

I have been very tired and feeling under the weather (the last two nights I have slept 12 and 11.5 hours respectively and still feel exhausted) so I am hoping that I don’t get a full blown illness because I am still new at the job and any absences count against me towards being let go. Please pray that I get better soon! I am pumping fluids, popping Ibuprofen for the killer headaches (part tension and part sinus/allergy) and trying to get lots of nutrients. I might need to track down some Emergen C to see if that helps. Boo.

The combination of being sick and feeling like crap plus working a TON means that I will not be doing much extracurricular stuff and I won’t be blogging much (not that I have been great about blogging consistently, sorry guys) until things settle down.

I am partially convinced that if I had been drinking this:

Amazing Grass Superfood i.e. Wheatgrass

I would not be feeling like this:

Grrr Face

SO I am heading over to Thinspired’s blog to enter her blogiversary/birthday giveaway for Superfood to make me healthy and survive my next 10 working days…

Go here to enter: http://www.thinspiredblog.com/2010/03/birthday-blogaversary-giveaway/

and get some superfood of your own to make you feel all better!!!

PS I had a trippy dream last night that involved 2 ex boyfriends, my chihuahua, a crazy mother of the exboyfriends who happened to be brothers (yes, how scandalous, Doogs dated brothers…at the same time), a mansion with laser beams and a hidden basement with a lion chilling there and a big ass forest that I got lost in. Basically…weird…but seriously realistic and one of those dreams that you think about when you wake up and everything seems like it really happened??? Does anyone else have dreams like this? D told me I am not supposed to tell people about my dreams because a) most of them are nightmares b) they are too weird for most normal people and he thinks I would be committed (which doesn’t sound bad facing the next two work weeks and c) they offend him. Please tell me I’m not the only crazy a$$ chick who has weird-vivid-realistic-heart thumping dreams about gorgeous ex boyfriends where one wants to marry you and the other wants to take you to Australia. Oh Lord…I am crazy.




3 responses

16 03 2010
Lara (Thinspired)

Thanks for spreading the word about the giveaway! I hope you feel better soon!

16 03 2010

Thank you so much! I hope you had a lovely day!

17 03 2010
Sarah Westervin

Oh my! I hope you feel better, too. I’ve been nursing a pretty severe cold this past week AND my first day of work at my new job is Friday! Eeek!

Anyway, I saw that you entered a giveaway on the Sally Jane Vintage blog for a lace necklace from Tree & Kimball. I’m also giving away a Tree & Kimball necklace on my blog, and I’d love it if you entered!

Check it out: http://www.westervin.com/blog/2010/03/15/giveaway-lace-necklace-from-tree-kimball/

I hope it goes to a good home šŸ™‚


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