The Cove

8 03 2010

The Oscars reminded me of a lot of movies that I want to see…like The Last Station, The Young Victoria, The Hurt Locker, and The Cove.

That last one makes me angry just thinking about it, though and I almost cried during the Oscars when they previewed what the movie is about…the idea of killing dolphins after driving them into a hidden cove and trapping them there is inhumane, cruel and immoral. I don’t care if the Japanese think that it’s a tradition and that since Westerners eat cows, it’s ok for Easterners to eat dolphins. There is a distinct difference in intellect and purpose with dolphins that is missing in cows.

I DON’T EAT COWS. I don’t believe in eating animals for political, moral, health-related and responsible reasons but I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT condone the slaughter of dolphins for a backwards and antiquated “tradition” that the Japanese want to uphold. Those Japanese just slaughter dolphins and porpoises for the money, not because they believe in some old tradition…O’Barry says in an interview that the yakuza are to blame here as well since they believe that the dolphins eat too much of the fish that the fishing industries could make profits off of since less than 1% of Japanese population actually eats dolphins…I’m disgusted that they try to justify killing these amazing, intelligent, sentient creatures…I will be raising the word about saving dolphins and telling people to watch The Cove because what the Japanese are doing is wrong and I won’t sit by and let them do it…I’ll say something…

Please watch The Cove and form your own opinions! I know this might come off as a little forceful but when it comes to senseless slaughter…it brings out the anger in me…

Here is an interview with Richard O’Barry that goes in more depth with the reasons why dolphin slaughter needs to be fought against and why awareness needs to be raised since apparently most of Japan doesn’t even know what is going on. It’s wrong for dolphin killing to be legal, it’s wrong that these dolphins are being slaughtered in a national park, it’s wrong that the yakuza are doing this for their own gain and it’s wrong that people are not standing up against it!

Go to O’Barry’s site to learn more or read more in his interview here:




2 responses

16 03 2010

I don’t think that Japanese people are unaware…I think that Japanese voices simply have not been heard on this issue. The anti-Japan sentiment around this movie is not helpful in the goal to save dolphins.
Please read more at my blog.
Thanks, Chisa

16 03 2010

Thank you for your comment here. I think I agree that Japanese voices are not being heard although part of the documentary mentioned that Japanese citizens were not aware of what was happening in the cove so I wonder…I appreciate your opinion here and will enjoy reading around your blog more!

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