Oscar Glory

8 03 2010

Just watched the Oscar’s….now I am super interested in seeing the Hurt Locker, The Last Station, The Young Victoria and The Cove (even though The Cove is going to make me bawl…I don’t want to see dolphins slaughtered).

Women looked lovely tonight…I adored Rachel McAdams’ watercolor gown (she looked super elegant and simple)…loved Vera Farmiga’s crimson dress but thought it was a bit overwhelming…perhaps Penelope Cruz had more proportionate dress to body ratios…adored Kristen Stewart (even though I read somewhere that she looked dour) in her simple dark dress…would have liked to see something different? Maggie Gyllenhall’s bright dress was a surprise but I liked it somehow…I thought my beloved SJP looked like a carrot in that yellow (I think) Chanel piece … spray tan too much? I thought Anna Kendrick looked dreamy!!! Other looks of the night that were cute were Cameron Diaz in that sparkle city gown, Sandra Bullock was a stunner (does she ever age???) and Kate Winslet (even though she could have done something more dramatic). Looks I did NOT care for included Zoe Saldana’s one hot mess purple thing, Miley Cyrus’ too low, too tight dress and Molly Ringwald…who kind of looked possessed since homegirl did not blink the entire time she was on stage.

Loved the dance pieces set to the music from the movies (creative combination of new street style and more classical and contemporary styles)…

Loved the Baldwin/Steve Martin host thing…they were too funny…can u believe that Meryl Streep has 16 nominations? Good God, woman…

ok, off to bed to dream about gorgeous Oscar gowns and hairstyles…and glittering jewels…night kids!




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