6 03 2010

This weekend was supposed to be my special girls’ weekend with Chili Pepper, Dizzle Berry and Babs but I couldn’t make it last minute…bummer…I have spent my free time recuperating from a long work week by listening to Paramore and reading Joyce Carol Oates’ short stories (which rock) while wearing my pajamas and glasses….btw watching Paramore videos makes me want to get an edgy haircut with tons of blunt and wispy layers and dye it bright red. I have wanted to dye my hair a rich saturated red for almost a decade but I have never done it (especially since reds become faded so quickly) … this might be one of those moments when I finally cave and do it?

I am looking at apartments and gym memberships this next week as well as trying to study for the GREs, narrow down grad school choices and apply for jobs in my major…I don’t want to get stuck in a rut where I am too comfortable and stop looking at jobs in my field…

Tonight might be another chill night sitting with a heating pad and a good book but there is always the off chance that I might grab a cocktail with some friends 🙂 Have a great weekend! I’ll be back with more posts later.




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