5 03 2010

Today was the last day of training at the new job and the commencement ceremony for my training class. I had been asked to be the class speaker so I wrote a little something to present…it was fun and full of laughter and happiness since everyone in the class passed all the side by side analyses and tests…I got 8 straight 100%s across the board for every test in training and that was pretty cool. I have to say that finding out I can type 90 words per minute didn’t hurt either.

I finally started to feel like I got my footing at the job, as well…I am sure there will be plenty of moments where I will be worried and challenged as I try to deal with new situations but I am not too concerned because it has been a great experience thus far!

The new schedule isn’t too bad (although part of me wishes I had opted for four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days)…I am pleased I am not closing 🙂

Off to celebrate a little more with a good book…reading in bed in my pajamas has never sounded so good!!!




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6 03 2010

Fellow writer right here. Love your blog, keep writing.

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